Actress Oviya appears in public for first time for inaugurating new store in Chennai

25, Sep 2017 (Chennai): Last week in TV, the ads flooding with New Saravana Stores – The Crown Mall opening in OMR (near Shollinganallur), Chennai. Big Boss famous celebrity Actress Oviya was paid to invite her for this inauguration of New store opening on 25, Sep 2017.

Actress Oviya appeared first time in Public gathering today after the famous in Big Boss Tamil program for Store Opening. We can see more people have come to see her on this store opening event and most of them from IT corridor.

Watch Oviya video on New Saravana Stores inauguration


Did High price paid to her for this Ad?

Since after the TV show, her market price got increased and we may see more marketing agencies will approach her to target the IT based users. We can say definitely her fan base increasing among youngsters.

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