Bluetooth and 8051Microcontroller Serial (RS232) Interface

Bluetooth is used for short range wireless communication. Bluetooth is a standard wire-replacement communications protocol primarily designed for low power consumption, with a short range (power-class-dependent, but effective ranges vary in practice.

Here we see how we can connect the bluetooth module with 8051 microcontroller device

Bluetooth module has 4 pins:

Pin 1: +5 V power supply
Pin 2: Data sending Pin (which can be connected with the RXD serial terminal of other other chips)
Pin 3: Data receiving Pin (which can be connected with the TXD serial terminal of other other chips)
Pin 4: GND Ground

Here is the RS232 Interface of Bluetooth Module:

Once you come with serial port of Bluetooth you can easily interface the serial (RS232) port to 8051 micro controller which given on previous articles. Click here for 8051 – RS232 Interface circuit.

In next article we will learn how to communicate with Bluetooth and control your house hold appliances.

Note: Use right level of power voltage for device. High power to device will leads to damage.

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26 Comments on “Bluetooth and 8051Microcontroller Serial (RS232) Interface”

  1. can i directly take data from my built in laptop bluetooth, by using visual basic since bluetooth can be used as virtual com port, Instead of serial commn. via rs232 interface.

    Thanks., looking forward to your reply…

      1. sir i need to receive data from the bluetooth module1 and later transmit that data to another bluetooth module please send 8051 c code this concept plz sir

  2. Hello sir we are designing a data aquision system using bluetooth technology,for which we need to first make a prototype in which we need to interface a temperature sensor to a microcontroller(pref 8051 family) and then interface the microcontroller to the bluetooth tx…at the receiving end we need to have another bluetooth module which will be linked to the transmitter and the data received will be tranferred to another microcontroller which is interfaced to a display or storage device.We require your help in the interfacing part between the bluetooth modules.Please reply asap

  3. Hi

    Just quick question, lets say I have bluetooth modules interfaced with 8051 microcontroller. I then want to do some data transmission from Android Phone to the microcontroller via bluetooth. Do I need to pair them first (Android phone – Bluetooth module)? How do I do that?

  4. hey hiii……..can i interface bluetooth module with microcontroller or pic??
    if yes then how??
    can i get a circuit diagram??

    i am doing this for voice recognisation… that by using this interfacing we can transmit voice via bluetooth….!!

    plzzz help its urgent !!

    thanks alot 🙂

  5. hello sir
    i am working on a voice controlled robot.
    need your help as in suggesting which microcontroller should i opt for?

  6. haii sir

    i need code for interfacing the bluetooth module with the micro controller

    plzzz send me mail


    1. Hi Mohan,

      You can interface Bluetooth module with micro controller using RS232 connection.


  7. Hello..!
    Can you suggest me a bluetooth module compatible with android app and microcontroller ?
    the app will connect with module and will send the perticular ASCII value, which will undestood by controller to perform certain actions..

  8. Sir, pls give me source code of interfacing between microcontroller and bluetooth module because i m used this code my project.

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  10. sir i need to receive data from the bluetooth module1 and later transmit that data to another bluetooth module please send 8051 c code this concept plz sir

    1. whats the project about? You can use mobile devices to transmit data.. using android devices you can do more along with help of arduino

  11. sir i am a third year student of telecomm n electronics.
    i am doing project on,ic8051 interfaced with bluetooth.can you guide how shall i proceed
    because i am not known about how to configure bt module or is it a need for that?
    using interrupt i can control output of ic.!
    its household automation using bluetooth

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