How to create Free domain?

In previous post we saw about how to create blogger site. In that blogger site, we have a big url( this will not be good for users to spread a word to their friends.

So here we now reduce the url size like,,like that.. these are domain are costs. But our aim to create free domain. so we create our site on free domains.

Following websites offering free domain name: (recommended)

I recommend domain name it ll be easy for making redirection to our site. In also same process only but website takes more time for approval of our site. so we go for instant activation of domain name

Steps to create free domain and redirection:

  1. Go to
  2. Check availability of domain name , type domain name(website name) and click check!
  3. if its available then click signup here at bottom of page.
  4. Register the account with your domain
  5. after filling so much details type redirect url as your blogger  site address. Redirect url to Http://
  6. click register and wait for activation code on your mail
  7. Check your mail and type activation code to activate your account and login.
  8. Now your successfully created website with normal domain ( Congratulations!

If any doubts in above procedures write in comments below! thank you

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