HTML Images

Here we see about how to insert images between our website content.

For inserting image we will use <img> tag.

<img> tag will place the image in area where you place this code in HTML content.

Attributes for <img> tag are title, alt, height, width, etc.,

Sample HTML code for image:

<img src=”(location of file)” alt=”alternative text”>

Alt(alternate)  attribute is used when no image is available in such a directory!

<html><head><title>Image display</title></head>

<body><img src=”” alt=”Jagansindia” /></body>


Test this code on your browser! if any doubts just post comments on relevant post.

sample output here:

you can make image as link also..

just put <a> tag embedded with <img> tag..

example , <a href=””><img src=”logo.png”></a>

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