LED Outdoor TV (For Study Purposes only)

LED Outdoor Display unit works as normal as TV functionality. In CRT TV we will have 3 phosphor elements which will emerge light when electron hits and displays video in the televison. In the same way in LED display unit has three color LED’s (Red, Green, Blue) which will act as pixels of the display unit.

Normal TV cannot be keep it in outdoor if keep also there will not be much visibility. LED lights will have more visibility in sunlight too. Hence its used in large display outdoor units.

LED lights can be controlled using computer system which will routed to pixel router. Video signal will be given to pixel router and the router control the which part of pixel(RGB led module) to make display. Intensity of lights will be controller using computer system depending on video signal. Here is the basic block diagram of LED outdoor unit and functions:

Here is zoom shot of LED Outdoor TV. You can see only three color LED’s will be there shows multicolors by controlling the intensity of lights.Here is the Video how big LED display being installed in stadiums for your understanding:

LED Outdoor TV in use at Tirumala, Tirupathi, Andra Pradesh – India

Photos by Jagadesh Boopathi for Jagansindia, Inc

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