Microcontroller interfacing with RS 232

Standard serial interfacing of microcontroller (TTL)  with  PC or any RS232C Standard device , requires TTL to RS232 Level converter . A MAX232 is used for this purpose. It provides 2-channel RS232C port and requires external 10uF capacitors.

The driver requires  a single supply of +5V .

MAX-232  includes a Charge Pump, which generates +10V and -10V from a single 5v supply.

  • MAX232 (+5V -> +-12V converter)
  • Serial port male 9 pin connector (SER)

Circuit diagram for microcontroller interface below

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    1. hai sir

      I need how to interface the Bluetooth module with the micro controller.
      and i need code for that

      plzz send mee mail
      thanks …

  1. Dear,
    i want to interface HC-05 bluetooth module to 8051 so please guide me the essential steps on programming the micro controller

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