Petrol prices will be dropping soon in India

In Recent days, you can see Petrol prices are going high even though Oil barrels price have come downs in US but still Petrol prices are going hike in India. Due to recent hurricanes in US, it badly hit on Indian fuel price economy.

“Petro prices have falled by a few paise in the last two days. and still it will continue to fall in the October month of Diwali” said by Oil Minister Dharemendra Pradan.

We know now all the oil companies are relying the daily fuel change price pattern and we are unable to maintain the level of increase on day to day basis. Now we see US Oil barrel price has become stable so that will continue our Petrol prices to go further down soon.

Still we have question that Petrol will come under GST?

When fuel comes under GST then we will have cheaper rates of Petrol and diesel, Prices without GST is approx 73.96 rupees now but it comes under GST then we may get at 38 rupees.  Government has no comments about making under the GST.

Hope we will have better fuel for India by taking public transports.

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