Remote Control Home Appliances Via SMS using GSM/GPRS Modem

Controlling Home appliances is the interesting thing. You can easily switch ON or OFF using remote with one touch. But it has limitations within range of IR. Here we see the controlling appliances via your phone SMS. Now you can control your devices from any part of the world. Send SMS “ON” to switch on your fan/lights or any devices.Full Tutorials Coming soon Shortly.

Click Here for Tutorial of similar one.

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9 Comments on “Remote Control Home Appliances Via SMS using GSM/GPRS Modem”

  1. Hello Sir/madam

    can you send me the all required information. so that I can make it for my final project. I am a student.

      1. hi I am doing the same project and got your post helpful, but encountered some problem. would you send me the source code ?
        thank you

  2. i have a problem of making device on and off with gsm message and i use simple gsm mode without shield.. can anyone help?

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