Touch Activated Finger Led

This project will show you how to make LEDs light up at your finger tips upon contact with a flat surface. You may choose to sew the components onto a glove to make an LED glove.

The main reason for this project is to interface it with a multitouch table setup without going through the hassle of setting up an Infrared light pane. (See NUI group for more information.) Essentially, to get a finger recognition software to detect the LED lights as fingertip inputs.


you can just build it for fun 🙂

Step 1Materials & Tools
* 3v coin battery (I use model C2032)
* LEDs (Choose depending on application or personal preference)
* Resistors
* Acrylic
* Scrap plastic sheet (can be from packaging)
* Scrap aluminum sheets (can be from a softdrink can)
* A pair of earphones (preferably one you wouldn’t miss)
* Conductive tape
* Wrist strap

* Soldering kit
* Rotary kit
* Digital Multimeter (Optional)
* Sand paper/bits
* Lighter
* Scissors
* Hot glue/glue
* Clear Tape

Step Overview
a. Decide how many and what kind of LEDs you want to use. I used three 3mm orange LEDs
b. Calculate how much resistance you need with a 3V power (from the coin battery). I used this online LED calculator.
c. Determine the length of your wires. Measure out how long of a wire you would need for each of your fingers. Allow for extra room for bending and wire cutting mistakes.


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