Whats new on Android Oreo 8.0

Google have released the latest version of the Android Mobile Operating system 8.0.  Usually Google keeps all the Android OS names with the food names. In the series, Android O (v8.0) named as Oreo. So Definitely it must the brand from Cadbury Oreo Biscuits.  Google have already deployed the Android O to Google Pixel devices (First Google Phone by own its brand). It also released its package to AndroidOne series platform.

What’s new in Android O?

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  1. Hi! I divos.net that you will update the latest technology, business etc., and google has realesed in Android O (v8.0) but in google before they didn’t added ‘O’ like Oreo Cadbury biscuits ☺in old version even i am having Android 7.0 in Samsung Why you are saying that Android Oreo?

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