How to create your Free website?

Here i am providing you to create free websites on your own to launch by yoruself!

Two types of sites we can create:

  • Blog site
  • Web site

Blog site:

Blog site is to update information on your site by publish posts.. for this u don need to know any HTML or any coding .. its user friendly website for who donot know anything about webdesign.

Steps to create Blog site:

you can create blog site in popular blogger sites! i go for blogger and wordpress.

How to create Blogger website?

  1. You must have Google account or create it.
  2. Login your Google account in the following site :
  3. Click create new blog and specify name for it and click next
  4. Check site name availability also once u finish you successfully created blogger site (
  5. Now you successfully created blogger site. now u need to post information. Click new post
  6. Type title for your post and content for your post! like sending email and click publish button. you can preview your site before publishing by clicking preview button at the bottom of new post!
  7. after successful published you can see your site at
  8. Thats all like this you can post daily events on your site.
  9. you can customize your template by clicking design tab and select gadgets or remove gadgets.

How to upload new template to your site?

Free templates are available for blogger @

Download templates from above site and extract the .xml file from that. and go to and login it and click design and click edit HTML.  In this page you can see browse button and select .xml file and click upload . Now you will have attractive design on your blogger site!!!


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